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We are part of the Western States Golf Association. See our proud history here:

Dunbar School 1946, Tucson AZ. For more information:

Desert Trails Golf Club was first established in June 1948 in Tucson, Arizona by a group of African American men who just love the game of golf and felt that as a group they could better facilitate playing.  The group played on the weekend at the few local golf courses available to them. The group disbanded in 1961 and re-emerged in August of 1969 as the Desert Trails Golf Club, a sister club to Desert Mashie Golf Club of Phoenix, Arizona.  In 1970, Desert Trails became a member of the Western States Golf Association (WSGA), was the largest golf association in the United States of America at that time.  WSGA is presently comprised of five (5) distinct Area’s, thirty-one (31) member Clubs with over 1,300 members in six (6) Western U.S. states.

The first Desert Trails Annual Golf Tournament was held at Randolph North and South Golf Courses in 1970.  The tournament has grown from approximately 45 players to over 120. Over the past four decades the annual tournament has been played at Randolph North, Dell Urich, Crooked Tree, and El Conquistador Golf Courses. Currently, the Annual Tournament is being played at the Omni Tucson National Golf Courses.

While the club has grown in members and in the size of our annual tournament, the club has also grown in service to the community.  Under the leadership of past president Herb Allen, the club established a viable Junior Golf and Scholarship program. This program allowed youths to travel and play in the WSGA Junior Golf Tournaments in the WSGA area and also facilitate funds for those students who want to attend college.  The scholarship program has given numerous young people the opportunity to attend schools of higher learning.

The primary objective of Desert Trails is to spread the opportunity to play golf.  We warmly offer this opportunity through our junior golf program and our juniors are given first consideration for all scholarships.  Desert Trails encourages all of its members to sponsor a local junior golfer.  While the program has been very successful, the continuing success of the program depends on revenue for recruitment, training and competition which also includes travel out of state.  The ability to provide assistance with the scholarship program keeps hope alive that all youths will have a chance to continue their learning to whatever level they so determine is attainable.

We are part of the Western States Golf Association. See our proud history here:

Darryl Jones found this in his archives. It is from the 1983 Desert Trails Golf Club.

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anonymous | Reply 10.07.2019 03:18

Happy to get this interesting blog and love to see like this more.

Harrison Blackwell | Reply 06.05.2017 08:50

yes Reggie Thanks

Reggie | Reply 02.04.2017 20:38

Harrison Blackwell...did you get connected per my response?

Reggie Browning | Reply 29.03.2017 20:04

Send note to Bob to play: April 8, 2017 - El Rio Golf Course - Tee-Time = 0704 Email Bob Payton -

Harrison Blackwell | Reply 29.03.2017 17:53

Hi Jim, I would like to play with the club on your next outing. Can you send me a schedule ?

Reggie Browning 29.03.2017 20:10

Send note to Bob to play: April 8, 2017 - El Rio Golf Course - Tee-Time = 0704 Email Bob Payton -

Reggie Browning | Reply 28.03.2017 20:52

Hi Jim!
Thanks for your interest in becoming a member. Please see the link"apply for membership" in the left navigation section of our webpage. Reggie

Jim Noflin | Reply 28.03.2017 19:41

I would like to become a member. please let me know what I would have do.

Thank You Very Much.

Reggie 02.04.2017 20:38

Hi Jim....did you get connected per my response?

Reggie Browning 28.03.2017 20:56

Hi Jim. See my other reply. lYou can also play with us as a guest prior to joining. See the tournament link. Next play is at El Rio on 4/8/17. Email Bob to play

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Hi Kathy,
Thanks for expressing your interest in playing in our 50th Annual Tourney! Please email Joe Battle at: for payment details.

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Hi. My name is Kathy Gardner. I would like to play in your Sept 11th Tournament. Where is the link to register and pay.

19.09 | 18:01

Hi Ralph, I posed the question to Joe Battle, our Club President for a response since I do not have those results.

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I want to thank the Desert Trails Golf club for inviting me to this tournament. I enjoyed myself some much I can't wait until next year.

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